Adult chat room ipads

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Adult chat room ipads

Any user paying for this option will not see any banners and will have the option of seeing or not seeing web page popups when they enter a chat room.

Locked chat rooms are limited to a maximum of 5 (five) users.Category Paltalk groups are organized into categories. G rated rooms must be suitable to all audiences including minors.You will have to select from a drop down list which category you prefer your group to be found in by others. Text in G rooms is automatically filtered to eliminate possible offensive language.R and A rated rooms are suitable for adults only and the text is not filtered what so ever.The difference between these two groups is that an A rated group allows sexually explicit language where an R group does not.Your nickname will be identified as an 'admin' account in your group by having an @ sign precede your name. Paltalk personnel have admin capabilities in all groups they enter.

They are differentiated from room admins by having their nickname appear in red in addition to having the @ sign.

If you abuse the admin privileges, your group and your ability to create future groups will be removed, so please make sure you understand what is required in the admin role.

When you create a chat room, you will have the option of specifying a lockword or not.

Note users have to explicitly turn on an option to see adult groups (A).

The default every time someone logs in is not to show adult rooms.

Room admins can also 'bounce' and ban users from the room.

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