All of the playlists selected for updating

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All of the playlists selected for updating

You know Premium subscribers ($9.99/month) can downloaded tracks to listen to offline.

That sounds strange but would solve my problem, too. Objects("Randomise Playlist Menu") If Not (itm Is Nothing) Then Dim vis : vis = False Dim node : Set node = SDB. Current Node If Not (node Is Nothing) Then If node. Visible = vis End If End Sub Sub Itm Click(i) Call Randomise Playlist()End Sub Sub Randomise Playlist() Dim tree : Set tree = SDB. Current Node If Not (node Is Nothing) Then If node. Current Node = node Exit Sub End If End If End If Call SDB. String Value("Randomise Playlist","Description") = "Randomises selected playlist" inif. Title = nam Then Set Get Playlist From Node = kid Exit For End If Next Next Set kids = Get Playlist From Node. Send me BTC: 34VQPVsf9m Ce R4nfh Fvv BYZq Q7Lkq NZ8Mn Send me LTC: 3P1mzrfbyscdhbx Rp XLg Kz7tuf GAU3Sr EGSend me DOGE: 9x Pp YSqg F7P5y Qiqv E1Vq Wb4Ujx VCCLFJ6Check out these great cryptocurrency faucets... Finish Adding() End If End Sub Sub Show Menu() Dim itm : Set itm = SDB. String Value("Randomise Playlist","Order") = "50" inif. String Value("Randomise Playlist","Display Name") = "Randomise Playlist" inif. BTC / LTC / DOGEAll the code for my website and scripts is safely backed up immediately and for free using Dropbox.On a Windows PC, skip forward and back between tracks using CTRL Right Arrow and CTRL Left Arrow, respectively.To adjust volume, it’s CTRL Shift Up Arrow (for louder) or CTRL Shift Down Arrow (for quieter).If you’re one of the 50 million paid Spotify subscribers, you might think you know all there is to know about the popular music streaming service.

You’re likely aware there are more than 30 million songs to play, on-demand, across multiple devices.

Objects("Randomise Playlist Dic") If dic Is Nothing Then Set dic = Create Object("Scripting.

Register Event(SDB,"On Changed Selection","Show Menu") End If End Sub Sub Register Auto Events Dim dic : Set dic = SDB. Tagging Inconsistencies Do you think you have your tags in order? Play History & Stats Node Like having your Last-FM account stored locally, but more advanced.

'' Media Monkey Script'' NAME: Randomise Playlist 1.3'' AUTHOR: trixmoto ( DATE : 20/10/2010'' INSTALL: Copy to Scripts\Auto directory and add the following to ' Don't forget to remove comments (') and set the order appropriately'' [Randomise Playlist]' File Name=Auto\Randomise Playlist.vbs' Proc Name=Randomise Playlist' Order=50' Display Name=Randomise Playlist' Description=Randomises selected playlist' Language=VBScript' Script Type=0 '' FIXES: Fixed playlist node being fully expanded on startup' Option Explicit Dim Auto Mode : Auto Mode = False 'Randomise playlists automatically Sub On Startup Call Register Auto Events() If Auto Mode Then Exit Sub End If Dim itm : Set itm = SDB.

Objects("Randomise Playlist Menu") If itm Is Nothing Then Set itm = SDB.

Objects("Randomise Playlist Dic") = dic End Sub Sub Do Children(dic,node,levs) Do While Not (node Is Nothing) If node. Custom Data = levs Dim list : Set list = Get Playlist From Node(node) If Not (dic. t=21616; however, a navigation with "Next track", "Previous track" and the "Play selected tracks next" button wouldn't probably work)or 3.

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