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Between April 1 and September 30, while being on the beach, dogs must always be put on a leash.

If revaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the manufactor of the vaccine departure may take place immediately.On Bornholm you can take your dog basically everywhere.However, remember to put your dog on a leash, where it is mandatory – take note of the “Hund i snor” (Dog on leash) signs.Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed on Christiansø and Frederiksø.This is because of to the open driking water reservoirs on the island and the island itself being a bird sanctuary.When you travel to Bornholm by ferry from Køge, there is nothing in particular to take care of when bringing your dog or cat.

When you travel through Sweden, then you have to remember a few things, before coming to the country.

Please note that Sweden will only accept animals, which are rabies vaccinated when they are 3 months old at the earliest, and they can only be imported 21 days after the first vaccination. The passport must be issued by a veterinarian and is valid only if it is certified that the animal has been vaccinated againt rabies.

It is very important, that the date of identification is prior to or the same as the first rabies vacciation date, which is entered into the EU pet passport.

The following hotels have declared themselves for being dogfriendly accommodation: Would you like to rent a summer house or an appartement on Bornholm and bring your dog with you – try to ask the land lord or the rental office. All rental offices for summer houses and appartements have dog friendly houses and flats in their catalogue / on their website.

And a lot of these houses and flats are close to the beach and the water.

The notification takes place at a so-called “Red Point” at the border.

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