Dynamically updating a zone

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Dynamically updating a zone - wessex cameras ringwood

However, only Active Directory–integrated zones can be configured for secure dynamic update.

Membership in the Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

The DNS Client service and the DNS Server service support the use of dynamic updates, as described in Request for Comments (RFC) 2136, "Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System." The DNS Server service allows dynamic update to be enabled or disabled on a per-zone basis at each server that is configured to load either a standard primary or directory-integrated zone.

By default, the DNS Client service dynamically updates host (A) resource records in DNS when the service is configured for TCP/IP.

Here's what I have tried, that didn't seem to work (perhaps I did it wrong): I found some example code that pretty much solves my problem; it hadn't been working, but as I typed the question here on SO, I saw what was wrong.

Since it's likely someone else has run into this problem as well, I post an answer here: prototype Storage Obj = $T("item Zone"); zone Manager = prototype Storage Manager; // jquery stuff that kills the prototype data storage.

I got a lot of replies, most of which were off-list, (follow the thread to read the on-list replies), all from people who really know their DNS. One person I regard highly said he thought corporate users don’t like DDNS because of “lack of decent audit trails, versioning, and access controls”.

Admittedly, keeping a zone file in a version control system does allow me to rather easily back-out of changes if needed, on the other hand, changes are recorded in the server’s journal file (but are quite difficult to reverse out of).I'm trying to figure out how to update a tapestry zone using a dynamic, client-side-driven "context".I'm fairly new to tapestry, and I'm stuck with 5.0 for now.However, you can also configure it to always attempt insecure dynamic update or to always attempt secure dynamic update by adding the Update Security Level registry entry to the following subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set \Services\Tcpip\Parameters The value of Update Security Level can be set to the decimal values 0, 16, or 256, which configure security as follows: Caution If you disable secure dynamic update, the client is not able to perform updates on zones that have been configured for secure dynamic update.Also, if you configure a zone to use only secure dynamic update, make sure that the DHCP servers that update records in the zone are not installed on domain controllers.Otherwise, the DHCP server that performs registration of A resource records on behalf of any of its clients can take ownership of names that belong to computers that register their own records.

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