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The skywriting appeared to be crowdfunded through a Go Fund Me page.THE MACKLEMORE PERFORMANCEAmerican rapper Macklemore became immersed in the debate ahead of singing his 2012 chart-topper Same Love at the NRL grand final on October 1.

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Should the vote come back majority 'Yes', as expected, Coalition MPs will be granted a free vote to decide whether the result is passed into law.Numerous events will be held around the nation for Wednesday's eagerly anticipated but widely-accepted majority 'Yes' result.The pro-same-sex marriage campaign led the 'No' vote two-to-one through early opinion polls, with the latter needing an overwhelming majority to narrow the gap.'We're chasing down a big lead,' 'No' campaign spokesman Lyle Shelton admitted.Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told 2Day FM he was offended by such posters while defending the vast majority of people who do not agree with same-sex marriage, as not homophobic.THE TELEVISION ADSGroups on both sides of the debate produced television ads, including the Coalition for Marriage, whose piece, launch on August 30, featured three mothers concerned about how same-sex marriage would affect what was taught and promoted in schools.Liberal senator Dean Smith lodged a notice of motion for the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill to be brought on, one day after the result of the national survey is released.

The motion, co-signed by Labor and crossbench senators, also seeks to put the bill at the top of the schedule for the final fortnight of parliament starting on November 27.That would likely occur before the end of the year.Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said it was essential it was passed into law before 2018.'If we were not to implement a decision on marriage equality, the nation would throw up its hands and give up on the parliament,' he told a meeting of opposition senators in Canberra.Liberal senator Dean Smith plans to introduce a bill to allow same-sex marriage on Thursday.The Senate will be asked on Wednesday to support a move to introduce draft laws allowing same-sex marriage on Thursday.THE ELECTORAL ROLL CHANGESAfter both sides of the debate urged Australians to have their say, almost one million changes were made to the electoral roll ahead of the survey.

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