Glee 5 x 03 online dating

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Glee 5 x 03 online dating

Things are looking up for the actor post-members not only had to contend with growing pains and intolerance from schoolmates but they also had to deal with Sue Sylvester who was hell-bent on shutting down the club.

The rest of the cast also embarked on a concert tour called Glee Live!When the lights are turned back on and the kids dare to climb back onto their feet, you will feel something give in you - your stomach may unknot, you make take a breath for the first time in five minutes, you may let your body slouch back in its chair. After that you kind of don't want there to be an aftermath, especially one that's speckled with Janet Jackson 'boob-gate' jokes.But again this is, for the most part, tackled well.He spots a sweet blonde he believes to be Katie and drags her off to the choir room to serenade her with Elton John's 'Your Song'.It's only at the end of the performance that he discovers he's been 'catfished' and that someone's used the girl's identity to chat Ryder up, a revelation that leaves him heartbroken and humiliated.-esque romantic dinner for him in the school locker room.There is no need to wrap that plot point around something that is going to upset people unnecessarily.

She could have had a whole episode or two dedicated to building up an exit and that alone would have been strong enough.

She has also appeared on reunited for Shum’s Costa Rica wedding to Filipino-American dance Shelby Rabara in November.

The actor, who portrayed dancer Mike Chang, received rave reviews for his performance on the show.

He calls her number and a phone in the choir room goes off.

Eventually the club are all reunited, with the exception of Tina, who's safe outside, and the all-clear is given by the SWAT teams in the corridors.

Also - and we know it's a lesser point - but it feels as if a disservice is being done to this great character by quickly shoving her off.

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