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John254 dating sites - Sex chat rooms free and iphone friendly

I'm a regular guest contributor on the male sites, Bullz-eye and All you have to do is follow the 3-U Method for writing personal ads.Hundreds of guys have successfully used it - or have modified it to fit their particular circumstances.

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Specifically, it's personal ad template #2, and you can find it on page 20.

Imagine it's Saturday night, and you just posted a personal ad of yourself on the Yahoo Personals.

By the end of the week, 23 women have contacted you for a date.

The 3-U Method is a way of using words to advertise a product, a service, or in the case of a personal ad, you.

I want you to drill that into your head - when you place a personal ad on a dating site, you are selling yourself to hundreds of women.

Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular way for site owners to make money with few overheads and no hassle.

By referring visitors to other websites, either to sign up for a service or to buy a product, the affiliate earns commission based on each referral.

Hello friend: If you're reading this, it means you're interested in Internet dating.

Perhaps you have tried your luck posting a generic personal ad on a dating site, but have experienced poor results.

My name is Jack Conway, and I'm a highly successful advertising writer.

Being a professional advertising writer, I wrote my personal ad using the same advertising techniques I use when I write magazine advertisements.

So far, the ad I posted on and Yahoo is working like a gem.