Sean kingston dating evelyn39s daughter

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Sean kingston dating evelyn39s daughter - To excite the webcam sex

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Rapper Sean Kingston denied allegations he, his bodyguard and a member of his band raped a young woman in a Seattle hotel room in 2010, court records show.

Evelyn Lozada's oldest daughter, Shaniece Hairston, made an appearance on Basketball Wives season 6. Her most recent boyfriend is former professional soccer player, Zat Knight.

The image below shows Shaniece's father, Evelyn's first baby daddy. In a 2012 tweet, Evelyn describes Shaniece's father as "Some dude from BROOKLYN." Scroll down to see the tweet.

The A-list athlete was seen visting Kingston in the hospital while he recuperated.

The “Beautiful Girls” singer also hinted that their nine-year age difference may have played a part in why it didn’t work out.

Every relationship has its ups and downs; it is its natural flow.

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