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(See Video Releases.) Unfortunately, all of the VHS titles are now out of print, even though a few of the specials still have not been released on DVD.The VHS titles were marketed under five banners: "Peanuts Classics" and "A Peanuts Special" (one episode per tape), "This Is America, Charlie Brown" (one episode per tape), "The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show" (two episodes per tape), and "Snoopy Double Features" (two episodes per tape), although some of those banners were dropped as the tapes have been reissued.

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Paramount also issued two direct-to-video releases; the first of these, It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown, was released in August, 1997.

Mark Astolfi, Derrick Bang, Jason Breslin, John Cassidy, Eugene Chan, Tim Chow, Jon Cooke, Andy Dursin, Craig Davis, Liz Fox, Nat Gertler, Ron Gomes, Michael Hagerty, Ray Hamel, Paul Hiscock, Mike Koegel, Cail Judy, Victor Lee, Jennifer Liao, Maureen Mc Carty, Ryan Mead, Lisa Monhoff, Leonardo Morán, Ted Nesi, Kaori Nishikida, Beth Prescott, Elisia Saam, Steve Swenson, Basil Wilson, Brian Young Special thanks to the staff of Lee Mendelson Productions, Bill Melendez Productions, and the Charles M.

Schulz Museum for additional material and answering numerous pesky questions.

(Note that being able to read Japanese is useful.) Also, Paramount has released Snoopy Come Home on DVD in Japan and several other countries.

WARNING: Pretty much all "Asian" DVD box sets of the Peanuts specials being sold on e Bay are illegal bootlegs, especially the ones that claim to be "50th Anniversary collections" (there was never a legitimate such collection) and the ones that cannot spell "Snoopy" correctly.

When they held the home video license, Paramount released 12 DVDs containing a variety of new and old Peanuts TV specials.

They released the first two Peanuts theatrical movies on DVD in March 2006, and DVDs of This is America, Charlie Brown were released in June 2006.Warner Home Video has released the majority of the Peanuts TV shows on DVD (although irritatingly, one may have to buy overlapping releases to get them all), but unfortunately a select few shows are still not available in the United States.See the Peanuts TV Checklist or the DVD Releases list to see which shows are available on DVD and Blu-ray.DVDs of all four classic theatrical movies are available, and the 2015 is out on DVD and Blu-ray.Almost all of the TV shows and movies were released on VHS in the US, although they are long out of print.All four classic theatrical movies, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Snoopy Come Home, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown, and Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown are available on DVD from Paramount. Some shows are available as digital downloads from the i Tunes Store and Amazon Instant Video, including shows that have not been released on DVD yet.

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