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KABCLast Call With Carson Daly Willem Dafoe; Vance Joy performs; Wheeler Walker Jr. KNBC2017 World Series The Houston Astros visit the Dodgers for Game 2. Check out a clip of Shemar Moore showing off his shirtless body in a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of “S.

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A.) Morbid curiosity and B.) I didn’t wanna hear negroes’ mouths about how I didn’t give it a chance and was therefore uninformed and unqualified to speak on his show (despite the 12 or so movies and 2 stage plays of his I’ve 1.) Tyler Perry is a cultural batterer: the cultural equivalent of an unrepentant wife-batterer. A few caveats: no knock to domestics who speak in Southern dialect — I am from the deep, rural South, love the cadences in our voices, and have a beloved, and dearly missed grandmama who cleaned white folks’ houses well into her sixties.

No knock to sex workers, who I think should have rights, benefits, and legal protections. And when networks struggle, they pimp the “urban demographic” for ratings and money. The Fox Network did it: Oprah doesn’t seem to understand, that a rich, independent, college-educated chick like her, who shuns traditional marriage, is in Tyler Perry’s world the DEVIL, a veritable, conniving bitch, who hates babies, men, and old people, needs Jesus, plus a good slap from a sexy Black man, and will still probably catch AIDS and live in misery because she chose not to conform to the dictates of Christian respectability.

Mandy Moore has a new man in her life, and she revealed a little bit about him on the Golden Globes red carpet!

When “Extra’s” Mario Lopez asked the “This Is Us” star where her date was she replied, “No date. but my man is going to come meet me afterwards for the parties.” Intrigued, Mario said “Oh, so there’s a man?

” Mandy smiled back and said, “There is a man.” When Mario asked if she was married to him, the 32-year-old responded, “Just boyfriend.” She smirked as she added she “didn’t know” if he was "the one.” "I’ve already done [the] 'the one' thing before.