Woman busy dating

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Woman busy dating - msn chat logs sex

“We have seen a strong increase in visitors to our site over the past few years and now get more than 1,200 visitors to the site a day."We get requests from young busy professionals to bored housewives and more mature ladies.

She says: "I turned to male escorts after becoming disillusioned with dating apps.

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TO the outside world, Simone Lewis and Ivo Berzins seem like any other good-looking young couple.

"I’ve got 30 to 40 regular clients, but I see some more than others.

The long-term ones are almost like being in a relationship and sometimes I forget they’re paying me for sex.

"I am a busy lady and found dating boring, stressful and time-consuming, and I found the bedroom encounters frustrating, as one-night stands wouldn’t understand what I liked and I got tired of having to explain it.

"At 33 I swapped Tinder for gentleman4hire after a friend recommended it to me. He described himself as a sporty martial arts fan who loves women and is always up for a good time.

But their relationship is not what it may appear to be.

For the past two and a half years, 35-year-old Simone has been paying Ivo for sex.

"Some have fetishes or want to be dominated and others just want the boyfriend experience so we go on regular dates too.

"I never know what to expect when I agree to meet a client.

I said he was a friend and she believed it, but it was a close call. He’s an attractive guy who gets a lot of customers.

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